We believe there is a gap in the market for financial planning and investment advice which goes beyond the usual tactical product sell. Our key intent is to make your money work harder, so you can lead the life you want to lead. It’s as simple as that.
That’s why, for example, our investment services are based around clear, tailor-made, up to the minute advice which forms part of an overall joined up financial strategy.

How do we work? We listen to you, what you want, what you don't want. We want to understand your life stage and needs and build a relationship with you. Then we combine our joined up approach with years of high level private banking experience to help you plan for a better financial future. When it comes to fees, we are clear and open. We'll document the services you'll enjoy and exactly how much it costs. Our focus is to manage competing financial priorities and find the optimum approach for you.

We believe in a highly personalised service which is strategic, transparent, efficient and effective. What will we promise? Competence and experience in our field. Whilst we recognise that we are in a position of trust, we make it our priority to acquire first class knowledge of the industry and products so that we can put our client's interests first. We will continually monitor your investment strategy, evaluate your plan and deliver ongoing communications to our clients. 


Financial strategy that suits your lifestyle, your life stage and your future financial needs.


Building balanced portfolios of investments and diversification.

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Income Protection policies and emergency cash savings.

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Mitigating inheritance tax or creation of trusts

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Gauging your pension contributions and tax relief

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RiverPeak Wealth Monthly Update for May 2018

Global Market Overview Sterling based global investors enjoyed another positive month in May with the MSCI World returning 4.16%. This number was significantly boosted by the ongoing strength of the dollar which appreciated by 3.51% versus the pound and masks some of the volatility that arose as a result of heightened political risk with the threat of a US initiated trade war, uncertainties i...
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Women In Investment Awards 2017